Pneumatic Spindles

BIAX is the global leader when it comes to automated deburring solutions. Starting with simple stationary spindles at different speeds (including with oil-free motors), via filers and drilling deburrers, to spindle fittings with deflection and quick-change systems: help yourself to an almost inexhaustible supply of stationary pneumatic tools.
Especially when it comes to automation solutions, the quality and reliability of components play an essential role. BIAX's compressed air spindles have proven – in a multitude of systems all over the world – that they are among the best in the marketplace and exceed any quality requirements.

BIAX has been working with specialised system integrators who have successfully automated numerous deburring projects for many years. If you are looking for a comprehensive solution, we are happy to recommend our proven partners.

Since we have a Fanuc M10ia robot at BIAX, we are able to carry out our own tests on your parts. Please contact us if you would like us to consult you.



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