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New mini pneumatic files from BIAX for polishing and fine deburring

28. July 2017

BIAX Mini-Druckluftfeiler

BIAX will be presenting two new ergonomic pneumatic files with short stroke lengths at EMO 2017. The machines produce minimal vibration of less than 1.0 m/s2, allowing them to be used intently over a long period of time without risk to health. The files weigh just 260 grams and have a compact design that makes them easy to hold and use, yet they are surprisingly powerful. Wrist stress is minimised through the particularly flexible design of the exhaust hose. The noise level is comfortably low, at 65 dB (A). Both machines are started using a slide valve.

The FLV 1-20 is designed for fine polishing in mould making. With 20,000 strokes per minute and a very short stroke length of 0.7 mm, it provides a high level of control in surface machining. This reduces the likelihood of the mould being damaged. The machine is also suitable for delicate deburring work.

The FLV 4-9, in contrast, is a convenient deburring file for small components that need to be held in the hand during deburring. It delivers 9,000 strokes per minute with a stroke length of 4 mm, providing a better result than a grinder, for example, when only small amounts of material need to be removed.

BIAX is part of the Maulbronn-based Schmid & Wezel Group and has been producing extremely high-quality pneumatic and electric tools for metalworking since 1919. The company focuses on solutions for all manner of deburring problems. What sets BIAX machines apart is the high level of vertical integration, which can be up to 90%.

Contact Person: Filipp Pachomow, Tel. 07043-102-32,


Pneumatic file FLV 1-20 for fine polishing of moulds and dies

The short stroke length enables controlled machining of the surface (Image: BIAX)


Pneumatic file FLV 4-9 for fine deburring of small workpieces

Ideal for removing small amounts of material from small components (Image: BIAX)




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